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Connected: Images With Heart | First Run

The first run of my workshop, Connected:  Images With Heart, through Click Photo School by Clickin Moms was more

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She’s All Mine

My daughter really takes after my husband in almost every way except for her face, which is a younger, miniature

Take Off Work For Your Kid Day

Last Thursday was a nation-wide “Take Your Daughters and Sons To Work Day.”  My daughter had off of school

Star Wars and The Breakfast Table

Overheard at the breakfast table, “My favorite Star Wars character is the opposite of Darth Vadar.” I saw

When She Gets Mad

You’re mad at me. Or at least you were when I took this photo from a good distance away. Maybe I wouldn’t

Singin’ in the Living Room

I grew up watching musicals all the time and have often wondered if there would be a time where my kids would

Snow Days turn Work Days into Pajama Days

I work from home and today was a snow day, which is always…interesting. I had 27 things on my list to do, but

Morning Person

For years, I’ve had a goal of becoming a Morning Person. For those of you who know me, this is a really

Summer Daydreaming

It’s about this time every year when we begin to have those days where spring is trying to burst through

Dear Photographer on the Edge of Greatness

Dear Photographer on the Edge of Greatness, I see you.  I know how much you desperately want to be great.  I see you at


I haven’t picked up my camera in eight days. Sure the light’s been lousy and my kids are in school most of the day

Words and Photos

It says right there, “Words & Photos by Virginia Greuloch.” I reread the line over and over when Click

Portraits of Me 2016

In a lot of ways, 2016 was a hard year all around – but I’m usually not one to focus on the negatives.

Click Away 2016 | “The Power of Play”

In early October, I hopped on a plane headed to Seattle to teach at the Click Away Photography Conference put on by

An Evening at the Beach

I had one of those days today where I looked up and realized that the whole day had slipped by and I had missed it. I

Dear Mom Considering Having Photos Taken

Dear Mom, I see you.  I know how busy you are.  I see you juggling the pick-ups and the drop-offs and the soccer

The Business of Busy-ness

Busy.  We wear it like a badge of honor. “How are things going?”  people ask. “Oh my gosh,

Emily and Nick | Lakewood Engagement Photography

Emily and Nick.  Oh my goodness, Emily and Nick.  These two are so completely head-over-heels in love with each other

The Moran Family | Columbus Maternity Photography

It’s taken me a while to figure out exactly what it was that I really wanted to capture when photographing an

The Heath Family | Cleveland Family Photography

This darling family and I met up at Olmsted Falls park for our morning session a few weeks ago and the second I laid

The Smith Family | Rocky River Family Photography

Last November, beautiful expectant mom, Carrie, won a session at her local PTA and we decided that a beach session just

The Hearn Family

Sometime at the end of last year, I got a gift card request from the owner of one of our favorite restaurants in

The Budzar Family | Avon Lake Family Photographer

I’ve said it before, I love my sessions like I love my kids.  But this one – this one felt like coming home.  I

Nevins Brown Family | University Heights Family Photographer

I’m so excited to have had the opportunity to photograph this darling family again a couple weeks back.  This was

Sinacore & Maggio Family | Rocky River Family Photographer

Some families just make you feel at ease all the time.  Their humor, openness, and love for each other somehow extend

The Hall Family | University Heights Family Photographer

As new parents, Mason and Laura, lay on their bed gazing at their sweet little one-week-old son lying between them,

McDermott Family | Cleveland Newborn Photographer

I first photographed this gorgeous family last summer and had such an awesome time with them, so I was incredibly

VALUE | Cleveland Area Photographer

Dear Friends, Putting a price on photography services is hard.  There are a thousand different pricing structures,

Olivia | Lakewood Family Photography

I live across the street from this wonderful family, but we only just met right after little Miss Olivia was born a

Morning with the Cotters | Rocky River Family Photographer

When I arrived at the Cotter family’s house, I was so excited to meet little Tripp who had just celebrated his first

Lunch with Jack | Cleveland Family Photographer

A couple weekends ago, I got to spend the morning with Jack who had just turned one.  His beautiful mother, Danielle,

The Evans Family | Shaker Heights Family Photography

This is my third time photographing this darling little family (see their newborn session here) and I just love them

Coming Soon…

Dear Friends, As I approach the end of my first year in business, I want to reflect on a few things that I have

The Gigante & Frederick Family | Lakewood Family Photographer

“What do you have there, Gianni?” I asked to my newest seemingly shy 4-year-old client as he was hiding behind a

Meet Baby Logan | Westlake Newborn Photographer

A couple of weeks ago, I met two awesome new parents who make having a newborn seem easy. Kate and Denny welcomed their

BRAVE THE SHAVE | St. Baldrick’s Foundation | St. Mark Catholic School, Cleveland, OH

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation “Brave the Shave” event at St. Mark Catholic School was incredible. The outpouring

At Home with the Bhatia Family | Hudson Family Photographer

It’s no secret that I love in-home sessions, and when the family is this adorable, I love them even more. 


Today is my half-birthday.  In six months, I’ll be 34.  Celebrating your half-birthday in your thirties is silly,

Print What You Want to Preserve

I read this article from Design Aglow the other day and it really struck a chord with me because I’ve been

Megan and Sinit are Engaged! | Rocky River Engagement Photographer

I got to meet these two wonderful, hilarious people during our Christmas sessions this past year and really loved

The Nevins Brown Family | Cleveland Family Photography

Last weekend I got to go spend Saturday morning with some familiar faces.  I first met these guys this past October

Exploring Light Indoors

A month ago, I got a new camera and my kids instantly stuck an Olaf sticker on the grip.  This baby is incredible.  Its

The Negrey Family | Rocky River Family Photographer

When Lauren told me that they wanted to have their session somewhere in an urban setting with the Cleveland skyline, I

The H Family | Hudson Family Photographer

I have to start off by saying that when I showed up to photograph the gorgeous H family, I had to pick my jaw up off

Baby Evans | Shaker Heights Newborn Photographer

When I first met these lovely new parents late this summer, I got to see them experience all the joy that anticipating

Sandoval Family | Lakewood Family Photographer

Every session I photograph, I come away learning something special. Sometimes it’s about my camera or

Broderick Family | Rocky River Family Photographer

The first of the tree sessions started out beautifully with this awesome family of three (soon to be four)!  With

Fiutem Family | Rocky River Family Photographer

The last Sugar Pines session was another perfect day with another wonderful family.  I was so glad that we were able to

Hacker & Rin Family | Rocky River Family Photographer

Another beautiful session at Sugar Pines Farm, this time with the gorgeous and impeccably styled Hacker and Rin

Siley Family | Hudson Family Photographer

I love capturing families in their element, so when I get invited to photograph a family doing regular ol’ stuff for a

Meet The Wilsons

There are few things more wonderful in life than meeting a brand new little person, especially if he’s as darling

The Morgan Family | Westlake Family Photographer

When I arrived at the Morgan’s house for their session, I was prepared for chaos – I mean, these guys have

Giannatti Boys | Hudson Family Photographer

So we’ve known these two adorable little dudes’ parents for many, many years – in fact, my husband was even a

Bartlett Family | Hudson Family Photographer

Another wonderful session from Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, this time with the very spirited Bartlett family! 

Boyer Family | Lakewood Family Photographer

This darling family lives just down the road from us, but we only just met on Halloween this year when mom, Carrie, and

Derenthal Family | Hudson Family Photographer

After spending the previous couple hours with Beth’s sister, Lori, I had the opportunity to head just down the road to

Muirhead Family | Hudson Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with this adorable family a couple weekends ago right at the beginning of

Williams Family | Brunswick Family Photographer

If someone asked me to describe a picture perfect afternoon adventure for a little kid, it would look a lot like what

Ashley + Jeremy | Medina Engagement Photographer

When you’ve been together for a really, really long time, you know a thing or two about each other.  And these guys

Dux Family | Lakewood Family Photographer

I love photographing people I know well, especially these guys! I was so excited when my awesome neighbors and

Anderson Family | Cleveland Family Photographer

On a perfect fall day a couple weeks ago, I had the privilege of meeting another stellar family and photographing their

Moore Family | Lakewood Family Photographer

Hey! Do you guys know Brandon and Claire? Because I feel like everyone I know has met these guys – and if you

Miles + Alicia | Cleveland Engagement Photographer

Miles and Alicia.  Oh boy, are these two kids in love.  Have you ever been in the presence of people who are so

Rich Family | Olmsted Falls Photographer

What a wonderful thing it is to be sisters.  To know one another enough that just looking at each other sends you both


Meeting amazing new people is the absolute best part of my job and this family was no exception. We became very fast

Erin & Jacob | Lakewood Family Photographer

Let’s talk about teamwork for a minute. I love it when you get a family together and you get to see the details of how

The Wilson Family

My gorgeous cousin and her wonderful little family were in town for a wedding last weekend and popped by our house for

The First Summer | Cleveland Family Photographer

This summer was awesome.  I got to meet and photograph so many amazing people and make so many new friends in the

My Story | Northeast Ohio Family Photographer

I’ll confess:  I’ve only been seriously into photography for the past four years.  I mean, I always thought

Meet Virginia | Northeast Ohio Family Photographer

Hi!  I’m Virginia. Yeah, that’s pretty much all I’ve got in here.  Just wanted to say