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Moore Family | Lakewood Family Photographer

November 7, 2014

Hey! Do you guys know Brandon and Claire? Because I feel like everyone I know has met these guys – and if you haven’t, I highly recommend that you do as soon as possible. I was lucky enough to meet this family for the first time years ago when both our oldest kids were just babies. I remember looking at Claire and thinking, “Now SHE is a cool mom.” And after getting to know her and her awesome husband, Brandon, I know for a fact that these are some of the coolest parents out there. We had a running joke the day of our Lakewood adventure about Brandon being called a “Mom-Dad,” – you know, the kind of dad who heads to the park with one kid in the stroller and the other in a baby bjorn. He’s also the kind of dad who will stay up late creating elaborate battle scenes with his sons’ toys just to see the look on their faces in the morning. There is a playfulness between Brandon and his boys that is just incredible – you can tell that they are wonderful pals. And there’s the most beautiful tenderness to stunning mama, Claire, when she’s near all her boys. You can tell that she is the center of their entire world, and that they all unflinchingly adore her. And what’s not to love! The best part is that these kids have inherited these awesome traits from both parents in such a special way. They’re both sweet as can be, gentle, and wonderfully happy. The love that just radiates from this little little family was such a marvelous thing to be in the presence of and to be able to capture in these photographs. Thank you guys so much for having me out!
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