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Connected: Images With Heart | First Run

August 16, 2017

The first run of my workshop, Connected:  Images With Heart, through Click Photo School by Clickin Moms was more incredible than I could have ever imagined.  The women who took the leap and signed up, knowing little about what I had in store for them throughout our five weeks together are some of the bravest, most honest, and talented photographers I have ever met.  When I asked them to dig deep, they dug.  When I asked them to go deeper, they dove in head first.  As they shared what their fears were, they held each other up and kept holding on tight throughout our five weeks together.  They created art from their souls, art that spoke to their values as women and mothers and human beings.  They stopped hiding and started truly making what was in them to make.  Witnessing their transformations and the walls that they collectively kicked down together was one of the greatest joys of my professional career.

They came because they wanted to learn how to connect better with their subjects, but what we found out was that in order to connect with your subjects, you first have to connect with yourself.  There are no rules here in this class other than that you come ready to bear it all and be ready to find out what it is that deeply matters to you when you pick up your camera.  Technical ability doesn’t matter.  How long you’ve had a camera in your hand doesn’t matter.  What matters here is that you let yourself create what moves you.  Once you start to reframe the way you view your work, when you can have confidence in your ability to make work that means something to you, when you believe that you are valued and talented and worthy of everything that comes your way – then you can start to truly connect with whatever it is that you want to photograph and whoever you want to share your work with.  If you’re in business, there’s loads information in here to help you connect with an audience and connect with your clients.  If you’re the family historian, there’s a huge toolbox here to help you figure out what you’re trying to capture for yourself and future generations.  If you shoot your own family or landscapes or weddings or families or llamas – it’s all in here for you.  We’re here for you.

In this class, we lift each other up by telling you what is amazing about the images you create, not a list of things you can do to improve.  There are a hundred classes you can take to learn composition and light and all of that. This isn’t that class.  This is where you come to find the confidence to shoot from the heart and create art that only you can create.  In here, we shoot what matters.  In here, we take risks.  In here, we hold each other tight.  In here, we start to make the work that we were born to make.

If you’re feeling creatively stuck, we can help loosen the jar for you.  If you’re feeling like it’s all been done before, we can help show you that you can do it in a new way.  If you’re feeling like you want more, we can help you go deeper to find it.  If you need help, we’re here.

Join us in November for the second run of Connected: Images With Heart and see what you can do when you shoot from the heart.  Registration begins October 9th, and we get going on November 6th.


“I just finished up Virginia’s class as a FP student. This class exceeded every expectation I had and I can’t recommend it enough! I walked away from this class with more confidence, a much deeper understanding for WHY I am passionate about photography, amazing tools to help me connect with my intended audience and my subjects on a deeper level, and a clearer understanding for how I want to grow and move forward with my photography. The materials were incredible and so completely full of information and inspiration. Virginia pushed us all to ask ourselves tough but needed questions about our art and she could not have been more encouraging, more kind and more supportive. Her genuine spirit is infectious and her commitment to her students was amazing. I have grown tremendously from my time in this class and I’m so grateful that I was able to be a part of the first run!” – Kerry Lee

IMAGES BY KERRY LEE – Kerry L Photography


“To say that this class changed my life would be an understatement. I met Virginia at Click Away two years ago, and have been lucky enough to call her a friend since then. I’ve followed her work and have always been blown away by her engagement with her clients and anyone she interacts with on social media, and I knew I wanted to learn from her as soon as I saw this class launch. I knew I would learn a lot about connection photography from Virginia, but I never in a million years thought I’d learn so much about MYSELF. I’ve taken 5 FP courses and 2 SA courses in the past, and all have been helpful in some fashion with teaching me “how” to take a better picture. This course filled in the “why” I shoot and “who” I shoot for, as well as giving me invaluable techniques to further the honest connections I so desperately seek to bring out in my work. I had so many “aha!” moments during this course, and I now have a new sense of purpose and confidence to move forward with the type of work I want to create. The engagement techniques Virginia lays out are immediately useful as well. As soon as I started opening my heart online with the right image, the right message, to the right people, my engagement skyrocketed and my inquiries for future work tripled. I promise I am not being dramatic when I say that this course has forever changed me.” – Kara Chappell

IMAGES BY KARA CHAPPELL – Kara Chappell Photography


This has been, hands down, one of my favorite courses I’ve ever taken. The content, the challenges, and and Virginia’s passion as a photographer and instructor reached me right when and where I needed it. I took the class because I love those real, emotional stories in images and felt my professional work was lacking that. I loved the class because I realized my personal hangups were preventing me from taking/sharing the images that resonate with me. Virginia’s guidance for self-reflection, and later, audience outreach has made a huge difference. And her tips for shooting (both business and personal) are incredible. This class is fun, Virginia is funny, and she pulls all the threads of connection together so that you come away with FAR more than terrific strategies to get fun, genuine images in a family session. And lastly – she is truly all about connection with her students – you will feel valued, supported, and encouraged throughout this class and afterwards.” – Larissa Lord

IMAGES BY LARISSA LORD – Larissa Lord Photography

“Virginia’s Class is one that every photographer should take! WOW, just WOW does not even cover it. I have been missing something in my work for a while but could not put my finger on the missing link. I found it in Week 1. Virginia led me to look at myself and look inside to create images that connect with me and with my subjects. I have grown more as a photographer and artist in the last 4 weeks that I have in my whole journey as a photographer.” – Wendy Atkinson

IMAGES BY WENDY ATKINSON – Let the Light in Photography

IMAGES BY JAMIE MACHIN – Jamie Machin Photography



IMAGES BY TAMMY BRANDT – Tammy Brandt Photography

IMAGES BY LAURIE HATFIELD – Laurie Hatfield Photography


“When Virginia talks about connection, she means connection. This class teaches you how to connect to yourself and your own pictures, how to connect on social media, how to connect to clients and engage them. My biggest regret was not taking this as FP, I was a SA and still learned so much, but Virginia’s connection extends past the materials right into the hearts of everyone taking the class. I created some of my favorite images in this class, and not so much because I was focusing on technical things, but focusing on what truly made my heart happy.” – Rebecca Cullimore

“Virginia pours her heart and soul into this class. You will walk away having a better understanding of your voice as an artist and how to create images that not only connect with you but other audiences as well. Her “Power of Play” PDF has transformed my family sessions. I will be forever grateful for what I learned in this class!” – Jenna Mace


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