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Dux Family | Lakewood Family Photographer

November 7, 2014

I love photographing people I know well, especially these guys! I was so excited when my awesome neighbors and friends asked me to head out to the Metroparks on one of their Sunday morning hikes with them. These guys are like family to us over here, so spending the morning hearing Elise’s squeals and giggles and Tiffany and Ian’s never-ending hilariousness was such a treat for me. This family is so wonderful in countless ways and they’re always on the go. They have such an adventurous spirit and are seriously some of the kindest people I have ever met. There’s such a warmth that surrounds this gorgeous family, even when they’re not surrounded by autumn colors.  I always love being around them, but photographing the bond that Elise has with her wonderful parents was really special to me. The way she looks at them just radiates pure joy and love, which is what you feel every time you are near Elise. She is so unbelievably sweet, happy, and beautiful inside and out. I love how these guys work together, with an easy rhythm and boundless love. Thanks for having me out to capture these moments in your lives, for shoveling my driveway, for bringing me soup, and always making me smile.
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