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Erin & Jacob | Lakewood Family Photographer

November 1, 2014

Let’s talk about teamwork for a minute. I love it when you get a family together and you get to see the details of how they operate together, and Erin and Jacob are one of the best teams I have seen. J was in my daughter’s first preschool class, has since moved onto kindergarten, and I just cannot believe how much he has grown up! He’s bigger and taller, certainly, but more mature in a way that I’m sure makes his mama hold onto every second of him being still being a little kid. These two have a rhythm about them that shows just how connected they are. Erin is such a wonderful, easy going, cool mom who is not afraid to play and get dirty, even in her good boots! And when J decided that taking a little spill into the river was what was in order for the day, Erin just shook her head, laughed, and emptied out his shoes. Jacob is so spirited, taking off straight for the big leaf pile, then right for the mud, then down to the water to throw rocks. Luckily, his awesome mom just joined in on the fun and they both ended the afternoon laughing hysterically buried in the leaves. The pair really have a zest for life and you can see how much they love and cherish the one they have together. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon, you two! I really had a blast!



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