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November 6, 2014

Meeting amazing new people is the absolute best part of my job and this family was no exception. We became very fast friends within moments of arriving and I immediately felt like I had known them for years. Gorgeous mama, Shayne, has a warmth about her that makes you feel instantly comfortable and little Elijah has definitely gotten that passed down to him. With his absolutely infectious smile and his adventurous spirit, I was smitten from the moment he got out of the car, started running, and never stopped. From making a mad dash into the mud to discovering new trails to explore to finding out that throwing leaves is the best thing about fall, Elijah really knows how to find the adventure. One of my favorite parts of the session was watching the joy that floods over handsome dad, Daniel’s, face as he scoops up his son. They have a wonderful connection that I just loved to witness. Thank you so much for having me out with you on this perfect fall morning. I’m so glad to know you all and am thrilled to have you as new friends. xo


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