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Williams Family | Brunswick Family Photographer

November 14, 2014

If someone asked me to describe a picture perfect afternoon adventure for a little kid, it would look a lot like what happened this weekend in late October when I met up with the Williams family.  As we ventured off following big sister, Ava, on our first trail, this gorgeous family got right down to the business of a Saturday in the woods:  digging up worms, skipping rocks, finding giant sticks, running in fields, and playing on the tracks.  It was the most perfect setting for capturing their happy-go-lucky nature and relaxed rhythm.  These kids are as sweet as they are beautiful, and boy did I have a blast watching them interact with each other.  I loved how little sister Layla looks up to her big sister and looks out for her little brother.  She seemed to keep one eye on each, making sure Liam was okay and happy but also making sure she wasn’t missing out on something awesome Ava had found (except for the worms).  But what an amazing role model Layla has in Ava.  She’s sharp as a tack, witty, hilarious, and warm.  You can tell both these girls are going to be forces to be reckoned with as they grow-up.  You wouldn’t expect anything else, though, after meeting sensational mama, Erin.  She is both tender and strong, and you can tell that all three kids have a wonderful guide as they navigate life and that hilarious dad, Scott, has a wonderful partner in crime.  Little man Liam is one of the most easy-going kids I have ever met, with an almost constant smile on his face and a willingness to go with the flow unlike most little dudes his age.  After spending the afternoon with Scott, I can see where he gets it.  They’ve got their own team of boys now and you can see that they are great pals.  Above all else, the thing I carried away from this family is their happiness together.  There’s so much joy that exists between them and lights up everyone around them.  Thank you guys for bringing me to capture this awesome time in your lives.



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