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Derenthal Family | Hudson Family Photographer

December 1, 2014

After spending the previous couple hours with Beth’s sister, Lori, I had the opportunity to head just down the road to photograph Beth, Jake, and their little ball of energy, Nora.  A lifestyle session in their home was the perfect type of session for Nora, as she only stayed in one spot for a combined total of about three minutes the entire time I was there.  She woke up from her nap shortly after I arrived, and those snuggly few minutes with her parents were wonderful to be able to photograph.  And then she was off!  Running and jumping and running and jumping.  Awesome parents, Jake and Beth, were right there along with her, letting Nora jump and climb on them, chasing her around their beautiful home, and scooping her up to give her a quick squeeze and as many kisses as they could pack into a few seconds before Nora was off running around again.  It was incredible!  There were a few moments of calm as Nora played chef in their kitchen, but then she was off again, zooming around the living room, doing flips off her mom and dad, and jumping off the stairs.  I loved every single second of this session and I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire time I was there.  How Beth and Jake let Nora be exactly who she is during our session, never trying for too long to get her to sit for a photo, and embracing her energetic personality was just wonderful to be able to see.  Thank you guys for having me over to photograph these awesome moments!



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