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Hacker & Rin Family | Rocky River Family Photographer

December 23, 2014

Another beautiful session at Sugar Pines Farm, this time with the gorgeous and impeccably styled Hacker and Rin family.  These guys stepped out of their car and I was just giddy with excitement about how beautiful all the colors and textures were going to photograph!  As they pulled on their jackets, hilarious dad, Sinit, looks at me and says, “I have never worn this many clothes at one time in my entire life.  I mean, why am I wearing so many shirts?”  Well, for one reason, we were expecting it to be freezing and two, you look awesome.  But there was no real complaining from anyone, not even adorable little Theo who seemed to really enjoy being so dressed up – right down to his perfect little fur hat.  Gorgeous mom, Megan, really nailed it when she was curating the wardrobe for their afternoon at the farm.  But enough about their outfits – I could go on all day.  These guys were a blast to be with from that first moment getting out of their car, to the end of the session when we got to spontaneously photograph Theo’s first interaction with Santa Claus.  They spent so much time snuggled up together, threw snowballs, and made us all laugh with a few inappropriate jokes which made my job very easy that day.  It was one of those sessions where I forgot that I had just met them moments ago and we all settle in comfortably with each other.  I love the way that Megan and Sinit look at each other, with so much love and admiration.  I was beyond excited when I saw that we were able to capture some of those looks that are reserved only for each other in these photos.  And as for little Theo, well, he was so laid back and full of big belly laughs the whole time we were together, which was most of what made this session so much fun.  Thank you guys for meeting me out at the farm and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas together!



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