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Fiutem Family | Rocky River Family Photographer

December 24, 2014

The last Sugar Pines session was another perfect day with another wonderful family.  I was so glad that we were able to add an extra day to the farm to photograph these guys after a round of illness cancelled our first scheduled session.  Photographing families with three kids is so much fun for me because I love to see the dynamic that plays out once the parents are off man-to-man and into a zone defense.  In this case, awesome parents, Jessica and Justin, are very lucky because they’ve practically got a third parent with beautiful Ava.  She is so loving and nurturing to her little brothers – always with one eye on them and, on that day, littlest brother Graham in her arms.  As energetic and adventurous middle brother, Angelo, darted in and out of the trees, ran to the edges of the farm, and ventured down to a creek I didn’t even know existed, Ava constantly was looking for him and making sure he was okay.  She’s at this wonderful age where you can see the sensational woman she is going to turn out to be while still keeping the wonder and magic of childhood present.  You could also see that magic as Angelo’s eyes lit up when he first laid eyes on all the trees.  Without saying much at all, Angelo’s sweet smile and independent nature spoke volumes about him.  He, too, was often by little Graham’s side, encouraging him to run with him, making him smile, and giving him lots of affection.  Graham is an incredibly lucky little guy to have these two as other siblings – they’re really a marvelous team.  Adorable Graham was shy at first, but after giving him some ornaments to play with and playing a little hide-and-seek, he warmed right up.  And all three kids are blessed to have Justin and Jessica as parents.  They’re incredibly warm and inclusive people and I felt right at home with them.  They seem to know exactly the perfect distance to give their kids to show them that they trust them to do things on their own, while still staying close enough for a quick hug or to hand off some mittens.  I just can’t wait to see these kids grow up through the years – they’re all going to be such amazing people.  I’m so happy to have met you all and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!



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