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Broderick Family | Rocky River Family Photographer

December 31, 2014

The first of the tree sessions started out beautifully with this awesome family of three (soon to be four)!  With impending rain, we were all crossing our fingers for it to hold off long enough for us to do our session with the remaining snow from the previous week’s heavy snowfall.  And we absolutely couldn’t have asked for better timing on this day!  Just as this darling family pulled up, the sun broke through and shined softly through the clouds.  Little Miles was quite shy as radiant mom, Mara, pulled on his boots and convinced him to wear a coat.  But Miles wasn’t interested in posing for any pictures at all.  You know what he wanted to do?  Play.  So that’s what we did.  We ran through the trees, played hide-and-seek, and decorated some trees.  He is such a sweet and adorable kid, with the longest eyelashes I have ever seen and one of the cutest “shy-faces” ever.  As he and dad, Jamie, ran around, high-fived, and played games, Miles really warmed up and seemed to forget that we were there to take pictures.  It wasn’t long before he was telling me stories about the new baby that they’re going to have and showing me how he listens to the new baby in mommy’s tummy.  I know that Miles is going to be such an awesome big brother because he is already so proud and excited to become one.  Thank you so much for meeting me out at the farm and congratulations on the new addition!  I know that the love you all share in your little family will just continue to grow as you enter this exciting new part of your lives together!  Merry Christmas!



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