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Sandoval Family | Lakewood Family Photographer

January 1, 2015

Every session I photograph, I come away learning something special. Sometimes it’s about my camera or composition, and other times it’s something far more important. This session was incredibly special for me, because I learned about what it means to be brothers. These three boys are just extraordinary, and you can tell that they are being raised in such an exceptional way. As we explored the Metroparks that Saturday morning, I really felt like they forgot about my presence as they embarked on a wilderness adventure in the middle of Cleveland. I got to see the boys look out for each other, laugh with each other, tease each other, and above all, love each other. From each glance over the shoulder to check if a brother was catching up to them, to each hand reaching out to assist a younger brother, you can tell these boys are connected by something far greater than shared genetics. It was so much fun to watch them discover caterpillars and clams and immediately rush right over to their brilliant mom, Alina, so that she could identify exactly what it was (I swear I heard latin names for butterflies at one point). Terry is such an amazing dad – teaching the boys to skip rocks, picking the best walnuts to throw, and participating in the occasional wrestling match. Thank you so much for inviting me on one of your weekly adventures, you guys. You are an exemplary family and wonderful new friends.



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