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Baby Evans | Shaker Heights Newborn Photographer

January 1, 2015

When I first met these lovely new parents late this summer, I got to see them experience all the joy that anticipating their first baby brings.  It’s both so amazing and so scary being pregnant that first time – you just have no idea how you’re going to handle it all once the baby arrives!  Let me just tell you, these guys have got it down.  When I visited their gorgeous 1920s home last week, they were only two weeks in and were already old pros.  I was beyond impressed with the ease in which Lindsay and Clint have settled into parenthood.  Lindsay was radiant when she was pregnant and now as a new mother, she’s just stunning – glowing with happiness.  Handsome hubby, Clint, just beams with pride when he looks at his new baby girl.  And she is absolutely beautiful.  She was a dream to photograph with her perfectly delicate, feminine features and her willingness to sleep cozily in her parents’ arms.  Pup, Abby, is adjusting to the new little one well and is very interested in all the new happenings in her previously quiet home.  Fiona’s doting grandmother was also along for my visit, which was such a treat.  It was wonderful to be able to capture three generations of beautiful women all at one time, plus, she’s most definitely a pro at all the new baby stuff.  I am so thankful to this amazing new family of four (Abby counts!) for having me out again to witness and capture all the love that is overflowing in their home.  I cannot wait to see this little one grow and see Lindsay and Clint handle it with grace and ease.  Congratulations on your darling little one, you two.  She’s absolutely perfect.



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