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Megan and Sinit are Engaged! | Rocky River Engagement Photographer

February 22, 2015

I got to meet these two wonderful, hilarious people during our Christmas sessions this past year and really loved spending time with them.  So when Sinit shot me an email saying he was going to propose to Megan and asked me if I would be able to photograph the big moment as a surprise to her, I jumped at the chance – I mean, there were times I was seriously jumping I was so excited for it.  He and I were in contact for a few weeks coordinating the whole thing, right down to the tree I was going to hide behind at Edgewater park when he popped the question. Well, yesterday morning I woke up to a text from Sinit that was a screen shot of the hourly forecast (90% chance of snow at 3 pm) followed by a GIF of a kangaroo disappointedly dropping a ball.  We needed a new plan.  Some quick rearranging and we were back on track and a couple hours later, I was sitting in Olmsted Falls, in 2 feet of snow, in some bushes, with a 70-200mm lens on my camera, which was wrapped up in a towel and tucked inside my coat.  Here they came, out I crept like a snow-covered ninja, and down on one knee Sinit went.  Since I was quite far away and they were engrossed in the moment, we were able to capture the whole thing as the snow came down perfectly without either of them realizing I was there.  It was so dreamy and romantic with the snow coming down as Sinit literally swept Megan off of her feet.  She is always beautiful but with so much love and happiness inside she was positively radiant.  I cannot wait to see how gorgeous of a bride she makes.  And Sinit, I didn’t forget about you – you’ll be dashing, too.  Thank you so much for including me in this momentous occasion.  I am thrilled for you both and cannot wait to see what the future holds for you!  Congratulations!!




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