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The Nevins Brown Family | Cleveland Family Photography

February 8, 2015

Last weekend I got to go spend Saturday morning with some familiar faces.  I first met these guys this past October when we had an awesome time taking fall and Christmas photos by a really cool red barn.  This recent session was so much fun, though, because we got to just hang out and do regular stuff at their house.  We pretty much just followed darling little Elijah around as he played in his room, snuggled and played blocks and piano in the basement, stuck some buckets on his head, and finally got to go sledding.  Their dog, Brownie, was in heaven out there, too, jumping up to grab snow out of the air and pulling the sled back up the hill after the family had gone down.  Thank you guys for having me out to your beautiful home and letting me catch a glimpse of your morning!  I had a wonderful time, as usual!



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