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Exploring Light Indoors

February 6, 2015

A month ago, I got a new camera and my kids instantly stuck an Olaf sticker on the grip.  This baby is incredible.  Its one of the best investments I’ve ever made as it allowed me to shoot in situations I wouldn’t have been capable of shooting in before.  I don’t blink shooting at night, through the shadows, or even in a basement.  (For camera people:  I’m shooting regularly at ISO 6400 all the way up to 12800, and I’m getting low noise and incredible sharpness even at those high settings).  Its blowing me away how much more I can capture now than I could last year.  If only I had this for Christmas Eve… Anyway…

One of the big factors in choosing to invest in new gear at the time I did was that I signed up to take a course on using natural light indoors with an absolutely amazing photographer and natural light guru, Megan Cieloha.  Her course has taught me so much about shooting in the shadows, where to find light when it appears as though none exists, and above all, have the confidence to take on these challenging lighting situations.  Being stuck inside with these frigid temperatures and committing to shooting daily has given me a new perspective on how I take on a photo inside.  And I am loving the direction that this newfound appreciation of the shadows has taken my photography.  I’m going to do a full post in a few weeks when I’ve wrapped up the class documenting the extent to which my style has evolved and discussing the things I’ve learned throughout this journey, but I wanted to showcase a bit of my newer work especially for clients who are thinking about scheduling an indoor session while we’re all snowed in here in CLE.  I’m excited to post the first client session with the new camera this weekend on Facebook and here on the blog as well.

So here ya go!



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