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March 10, 2015

Today is my half-birthday.  In six months, I’ll be 34.  Celebrating your half-birthday in your thirties is silly, but anyone who knows me knows I’m pretty into birthdays, so its not surprising that I always take note of the 6-month mark to the next one.  Since this year we’ve been struck down by the horrible stomach virus that’s been going around and our basement decided to threaten to flood again necessitating an emergency plumber situation, no one in my house seems to care that I want a cake today.  So, since I’m always thinking ahead – I decided that I’m going to give myself something to celebrate next year on my half-birthday when I’m only six months away from the big 3-5:  I’m going to celebrate having completed a 365 Project.

What is a 365 Project you ask?  It seems really simple in theory:  a photo a day, every day, for 365 days.  But in practice, its not so simple.  Sometimes its hard to pick up your camera every day.  Sometimes its hard to look around and see something in the midst of all the screaming and the deadlines and the chaos that you actually want to remember.  Sometimes you just can’t find inspiration.  Other times, you can pick up your camera, but its hard to get the photos loaded into the computer – and even harder to take the time to cull and edit them.  But that’s what I’m going to do.  Truthfully, I’ve shot and edited photos every day since Jan. 15th of this year and I have loved it.  There’s been a shift in my work since I began to shoot daily that I can see and feel.  I’ve become more mindful of each shot.  I see flaws in the frame before I shoot instead of catching them when I edit.  I search for light in every corner (even my daughter got in on this recently, waking me up one morning to tell me, “Mommy, I found light.  I put Batman in it.”  You can see that Batman photo here).

Aside from shooting and editing daily, I’m also going to print monthly.  I’m going to document this year of our lives and create things that we can hold so that our family can be sure to remember all of this.  I’m going to hold myself accountable for this step of the photographic process, because as I have been preaching recently, what good will come of keeping a year of our lives on a hard drive?

So, today is Day 1.  And today, she decided to be Max…with a toy fish.

The Good Life Photography | Cleveland Area Photographer


And two more because she’s so cute/creepy:

Searching for said fish I heard, “Even though I’m going to cook you and eat you, I’ll always love you.”  Maybe taking “We’ll eat you up – we love you so” a little too literally.

The Good Life Photography | Cleveland Area PhotographerThe Good Life Photography | Cleveland Area Photographer The cute outweighs the creepy…right?  See you tomorrow.




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