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At Home with the Bhatia Family | Hudson Family Photographer

April 2, 2015

It’s no secret that I love in-home sessions, and when the family is this adorable, I love them even more.  Photographing older children who are used to smiling for the camera is always funny for me, because it takes a little while for them to realize that I’m not going to ask them to say “Cheese!”  Little Leela overcame her shyness upon my arrival in about 35 seconds and proceeded to run around and play with the carefree nature only a toddler has during our whole session.  I couldn’t get enough of her gorgeous eyes and the way that her hair was constantly trying to cover them.  I was absolutely floored when I realized that her gorgeous older sister, Sejal, was only a year older than my little girl!  I loved following her around with the little figurines and carriage that she creates “fairy gardens” with while daydreaming in their yard for hours.  And oldest brother Nayan, who is far more sophisticated and articulate than any other 9-year-old I’ve ever met in my life, showed me around and explained a few of the ways he’s discovered to torment his little sisters (namely touching their things and sitting on Sejal’s bed).  Maybe it was the fact that I was new to them, but I didn’t see any tormenting that day.  Nayan and Sejal laughed through a heated thumb-wrestling match and Sejal even let everyone up on her bed.  In the two hours I was with them, I could tell that awesome parents Samir and Beth are doing an amazing job raising these kids and that they are being brought up in a house that is full of love and joy.  Thank you all so much for having me over to capture a glimpse of your lives.  I had a wonderful time and am very happy to have met you all!



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