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Morning with the Cotters | Rocky River Family Photographer

June 9, 2015

When I arrived at the Cotter family’s house, I was so excited to meet little Tripp who had just celebrated his first birthday. He was going to town on veggies and raspberries in his high chair and instantly started hamming it up for me – showing me how he can dance and laughing like crazy. I knew it was going to be a good day. We played with his toys in the basement, hung out in his teepee, and relaxed with some awesome stories that just happen to be written by his uncle. (Seriously good books – go buy them:  cotterillustration.com)! I loved watching Tripp get engrossed in his books while he cuddled up to Mom and Dad. We followed Tripp around as he made his way into his parents’ closet to play in their clothes then outside so he could show off his walking skills. Throughout my time with them, I could tell that Tripp and his dad, Brady, have a lot of fun together as they rolled around on the floor laughing and playing. Gorgeous mom, Kelci, is incredibly sweet and watching her hold her little man tight and snuggle him close warmed my heart. I was so excited to get some shots of just Kelci and Brady together where they seemed more like two kids who had just fallen in love than a couple that had been married for a while. Seeing the two of them interact with each other showed just how lucky Tripp is to have parents who are still so very much in love. They are going to be such a wonderful example to him as he grows up. Thank you all for having me out to capture this morning in your lives! I had a wonderful time and am so happy to have met you all!



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