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Lunch with Jack | Cleveland Family Photographer

May 13, 2015

A couple weekends ago, I got to spend the morning with Jack who had just turned one.  His beautiful mother, Danielle, had explained to me that he was a very “strong-willed” little dude and boy, was she right!  Jack is a kid who knows exactly what he wants and when he wants it, a trait that I am incredibly familiar with in my house.  As cute as can be with his big blue eyes, Jack took an immediate interest in me and my camera, but it wasn’t long before he had figured out my tricks.  So we took a lunch break and chatted while Jack warmed up again, presenting me with tiny pieces of turkey and grapes as a peace offering.  He is incredibly sweet and tender while still being tough and determined, which is a wonderful combination of qualities to possess.  I watched him as he sank into his mother’s arms and knew that right there was his happy place.  I watched as he curled into his dad’s lap, yawning along to the story being read and knew that right there was his safe place.  And every so often, he couldn’t help but offer up a smile for me to capture, even though I believe he was determined enough not to.  Jack, you are an incredibly loved little boy and I hope you stay just as you are.  I hope you always know what you want and that you always melt a little when your mom puts an arm around you.  I hope that when you grow as tall as your dad, you still feel safe when he’s near and that one day you appreciate the incredible dance he did in the front yard just to make you smile.  Thank you all for an absolutely wonderful morning you guys.  It was a pleasure.



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