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The Evans Family | Shaker Heights Family Photography

May 9, 2015

This is my third time photographing this darling little family (see their newborn session here) and I just love them more each time I’m with them. It doesn’t feel like enough time has passed since our maternity session last August for little Fiona to already be six-months-old, but here we are! And she is an absolute dream! As gorgeous as her mother with her daddy’s big happy smile, I just couldn’t get enough of her. When I arrived, Lindsay was finishing getting ready while Fiona just happily hung out in her crib, taking in the surroundings. I couldn’t help recreating one of her newborn pictures to surprise Mom and as we continued through the session, recreations of our photos of her first few weeks of life continued to unfold naturally. I love that Clint and Lindsay are just as laid back and relaxed as they were during our earlier sessions and their sense of humor was still tack sharp. So much of parenting involves keeping your sense of humor, especially when you’re in the thick of things, and I know that these guys will get through everything just fine together. Thank you for having me out again to document all this love and beauty. I’m so thankful to know you all and can’t wait to do it all over again this fall!



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