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The Smith Family | Rocky River Family Photography

Last November, beautiful expectant mom, Carrie, won a session at her local PTA and we decided that a beach session just a few short weeks before their new addition arrives was in order.  We let little Hudson take the lead, first to the beach, then up to the park, then back to the beach, then back to the park.  He wanted to explore everything.  The light on this beautiful summer night was just stunning, and I absolutely loved how it bathed this growing family with such warmth as they played in the water.  Dad, Ryan, swung Hudson around as his happy little squeals echoed over the waves and I could see what great pals they are.  Hudson is such a loving kid and I know that he’s going to make a wonderful big brother.  As we started our session, he made sure that we all hugged each other and, to tell you the truth, it was a wonderful way to start the evening!  I can’t wait to see how much love he can give that new little brother of his because he sure has a lot to give!  Thank you all so much for meeting me at the beach to document these last weeks as a family of three and congratulations on your upcoming addition!  He’s a very lucky little boy to be able to have such an amazing, loving family to welcome him into the world.



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