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The Hearn Family

August 5, 2015

Sometime at the end of last year, I got a gift card request from the owner of one of our favorite restaurants in Lakewood for her sister (huge shout-out to Deagan’s Kitchen & Bar – everyone go eat there right after you’re done looking at these photos).  Fast-forward seven or so months and we were finally able to get together at gorgeous Headlands Beach for their session, and we really couldn’t have picked a more perfect evening.  I loved hanging out with these guys – with parents Erin and Al’s easy-going nature and humor, I felt right at home with them.  Little Jack started out a bit apprehensive of the whole ordeal, but he soon warmed up as he strolled along the beach with his family searching for the best rocks, letting sand slowly slip through his fingers, and following the seagulls around until they rose from their spot on the beach into the sky.  After a few unsuccessful toe-dips into the water, he finally waded in on his own as he tossed rocks into the rolling waves.  Darling little Charlotte snuggled up close to mom and dad, at one point reaching out for her brother’s hand.  He gently took hold of it and pressed their foreheads together, showing just how loving of a big brother he is to his sweet little sis.  While I’m sure that they will have their fair share of rivalry and rough patches (as all siblings do), I am certain that Jack will be her best friend, confidant, and protector throughout their lives.  At the tail end of our session, Charlotte had enough of the excitement, curled up into her dad’s arms, and fell asleep just as the sun was starting to lower into the horizon.  It was a perfect end to a beautiful evening and I couldn’t have asked for a better family to share it with.  Thank you so much for meeting me out at the beach and for being such a wonderful family to be with.  Can’t wait to do it again!




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