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Snow Days turn Work Days into Pajama Days

March 14, 2017

I work from home and today was a snow day, which is always…interesting. I had 27 things on my list to do, but apparently Mother Nature had other plans for me. So we spent the day in our pajamas and got in some of the best cuddles while the wind howled outside and the snow drifted in front of our doors. On weekend mornings when I’m not working, the kids climb into our bed and snuggle up close. I wake up to a foot in my side or an elbow to the eyebrow, but I wouldn’t trade those minutes for anything. Someday in the not-too-distant future, they will trade morning snuggles for making their own breakfast and arguing over what Netflix show to watch. They’ll trade snow-day giggles in my bed for texting all day with their friends. They’ll trade thinking it’s special to have more time with Mom for wishing they could be somewhere else. I need to keep constantly reminding myself that this is the time that I get. This is the time that I get where I’m still interesting. Where I’m “the best mom ever” who gives them donuts for lunch (partially because it’s a special snow day treat and partially because maybe I just forgot to feed them lunch). Where I can put my list on hold for a while because they said yes to snuggling and giggling and being with me while I took our photos. It won’t always be like this, but today it was. And whatever frustrations or inconveniences might arise, I’m so lucky that I get these moments with them.


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