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July 8, 2015

The Family Photographer Podcast Episode #17 |  The Family Photographer

5 Tips on Connecting With Your Work  |  Huffington Post

Instructor at Click Photo School | Click Photo School

Instructor at 2016 Click Away Photography Conference | Click Away & Click and Co. 

Streamed and Recorded for Click Away Video Bundle 2016 | Click Away & Click and Co.

Winner 2015 VOICE Image Collection Best in “Connection” CategoryClick Magazine & Clickin’ Moms

Finalist 2015 VOICE Image Collection in “Self-Portrait” Category | Click Magazine & Clickin’ Moms

Finalist 2016 VOICE Image Collection in “Composition & Design” Category | Click Magazine & Click and Co.

Finalist 2016 VOICE Image Collection in “Love & Connection” Category | Click Magazine & Click and Co.

Lensbaby Commissioned Artist | Lensbaby, Inc. Lenses

Click Pro | Clickin’ Moms – Click Pro

Click Magazine – January/February 2017 Issue “Mad About You”  (p. 44-48) | Click Magazine

Click Magazine – September/October 2015 Issue (p. 139)| Click Magazine

Guest Writer “6 Ways to Enhance Emotion in Your Photography”  |  Click It Up A Notch

10 Questions with Virginia Greuloch | Looks Like Film







Click Pro Daily Project_- contributor BadgeClick Pro Member BadgeChoo Choo







Looks Like Film Kids – “The First Adventure”  |  Looks Like Film

101 Generation-Bridging Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren |  Huffington Post

Spotlight Artist Interview  |  Snap Maven

Guest Judge Interview | Snap Maven

Top Ten Weekly Motif Winner theme “Golden Hour” | The Artistic Tog

Top Honors theme “Calm” | Life Unscripted

Top Ten P52 theme “For the Sake of the Shot”  |  In Beauty & Chaos

Top Ten Unscripted theme “A Summer Memory”  |  Life Unscripted

Top Ten Unscripted theme “Bokeh” | Life Unscripted

Weekly Favorite theme “Restless” |  Fantastically Flawed

Weekly Winner theme “Lifestyle Light”  |  Snap Maven

Weekly Winner theme “Makes Me Laugh” |  Let The Kids Dress Themselves

Daily Update Oct 24, 2015 | Looks Like Film

Daily Update July 20, 2015  |  Looks Like Film

Daily Update May 20, 2015  |  Looks Like Film


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