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January 9, 2017

Mom Collage 3

One of the things I am most passionate about in photography is helping other photographers on their journey to be themselves, find their voice, and shoot what they love. What I want to do is help you find out what you are supposed to do.  I want to help you just be who you are without being afraid of it.  I want to help you look at your work from a fresh perspective with confidence, not self-doubt.  I want you to shoot what you love and love what you shoot.  Are you stuck?  In a creative rut?  I want to try to help you out of it.  Are you feeling overwhelmed because you are trying to find your niche and can’t find your focus?  I want to help you hone in on consistencies and similarities in your body of work to help you find your place.  Are you not sure who you’re speaking to when you shoot?  Yourself?  Other photographers?  Clients?  Having difficulty navigating your different audiences?  I want to help you identify them so that you can know who you are speaking to when sharing your work and how you can engage with those audiences.  I don’t want to help you try to be more like me or create images like I do.  I want to help you create what you’re meant to create – whatever that is.

These educational opportunities are a process that we can start together that can keep you evolving in your photography journey as an artist, whether you’re in business or not.  There is no one-size-fits-all program for success in business or in your creativity, but you can work on building your knowledge bank so you can take the lessons you’ve learned and apply them where they belong in your unique journey.  More times than not, investing in education is not going to immediately transform your life, your art, or your business, but when you use the education as a bedrock for forging your own path – you will continue to reap the benefits of what you learned for years to come.  Your education will continue to inspire and motivate you, will be there for you to reference over and over throughout your life, and will be an investment that continues to help develop your voice as you grow and change.

I would love to help you on your journey to becoming the artist you’re meant to be.

I don’t have it all figured out, but I do know these things:  I’m enthusiastic about almost everything almost all of the time, so I can promise you that I will enthusiastically help you in every way that I can.  I care deeply about other people and I truly want everyone – even photographers in my own market – to succeed.  (So, if you’re in the Cleveland area, that’s totally fine. There’s enough business for us all).  I love to make lofty goals, break them down into actionable steps, and work at chipping them away slowly – so I will ask you big-picture questions and ask for pie-in-the-sky type goals from you, I will get personal, and I will help you navigate your plans for the future.  I look at photography as an art form and each photographer as an artist – not a “taker of pictures” – so I will treat you as an artist, even if you have trouble using the “artist” label yourself.  I was a beginner once, too.  It doesn’t matter to me where you are on your journey and I will meet you at whatever level you are at without judgement.  I will respect your time, your talent, and your feelings.  If you want to know more about me and what I believe in, please visit this page right here and another page about stuff I’ve done here



There are several educational opportunities available for 2017 for you and the offerings are listed below.  

Please contact me for a full pricing schedule for personal coaching opportunities.

CONNECTED:  IMAGES WITH HEART  | Click Photo School Workshop

Next run November 6, 2017. 

Class Description:  It’s time to shut out all the noise and finally take your mother’s advice:  “Just be yourself.”  We are bombarded with beautiful imagery every day and, for so many of us, this leaves us in a spiral of comparison, lack of confidence in our work, and striving to create images that are just like another photographer, but are not at all like the art you were born to create.  In this 4-week introspective and interactive workshop with Virginia Greuloch, you will dig deep to help identify key pieces that will allow your voice as an artist to shine through your images.  We will work on building your confidence, allowing you to shoot from the heart while identifying how to share your work and engage with different audiences that will connect with you.  You will learn different ways to interact with your subjects using both passive and active strategies to create beautiful connections and bring your vision to life.  And you will learn to incorporate different technical, visual, and sensory storytelling elements that allow you to further the narrative in your images.  Whether you are a photographer in business or the family historian, this class will help you on your journey to finding your own unique voice.  Learn more by visiting Click Photo School here!

  • $300 Full Participation (FP) | materials + personalized instruction and critique from instructor (that’s me!)
  • $150 Study Along (SA) | materials + interaction with other SA students

What’s Included:

  • Week One:  Welcome Video + PDF Lesson + Bonus Day In The Life PDF
  • Week Two:  PDF Lesson + Culling & Discussion of Sharing for an Audience Video
  • Week Three:  PDF Lesson + 2 Shooting Videos (Client Work & Personal Work)
  • Week Four:  PDF Lesson + Color Editing Video + B&W Editing Video
  • Bonus Materials:  “Power of Play” Games List, Quick Reference Guide, Q&A Video with Instructor (FP only)
  • Instructor-Led Online Q&A for Each Lesson (FP only)
  • Personal Video Critiques of Weekly Assignments by Instructor (FP only)


Please shoot me an email for a full investment schedule.

Each two-part coaching/mentoring offering is split into the following parts:

  • Part One:  Reviewing your questionnaire, putting action to your answers, assignment
  • Part Two:  Reviewing your assignment, setting goals, free-form


  • Two 1.5 hour Skype coaching sessions


  • Two 1.5 hour in-person sessions
  • One 4-hour in-person session including Parts One & Two PLUS one 1-hour Skype session in the weeks to follow to review assignment and set goals.

ADDITIONAL COACHING TIME – may be added following completion of your coaching

  • Processing
  • Shooting
  • Business Guidance
  • Workflow
  • Group Mentoring
  • Free Form











**I receive no compensation per sale of this streaming package.  This is just another avenue of education that I have participated in that is available to you. 

From the Click & Co. Store:  “Featuring live shooting demonstrations with models and hands-on education from some of the best in the industry, this bundle of recordings from Click Away 2016 held in Seattle, Washington includes over 12 hours of recorded programming on a wide range of topics including photographing families outdoors, building a profitable business, creating beautiful light, storytelling with video, posing seniors, working with couples, capturing children, being your authentic self, and much more.” 


The Power of Play: Capturing Authenticity in Children and Family Portraiture with Virginia Greuloch

Capturing a child’s true personality is not an experience reserved just for lifestyle and documentary photographers. Every parent wants you to capture their child’s authentic self and his or her real connection to their family. They want to see the real smiles, not the “for-the-camera” smiles. They want the session to be relaxed and as fun-filled as possible for the entire family. Join Virginia Greuloch as she demonstrates how to use child-led methods in a photography session with a child. Capture the child’s authentic joy while incorporating movement to create modern children’s portraiture. Creating opportunities for children and families to play together can give families memories that will last forever – and not just because it was the day that the photographer was there. They will remember that it was a day that they came together to laugh and to play and to love each other. Learn how to use the power of play in this shooting demo/group shoot program with kids in order to make a portrait photography session that will create images and memories that last a lifetime.

(approx. length: 1 hour, 01 minutes)  



Hey, that’s me with the short hair in the gray sweater! 



virginia@thegoodlifephoto.com  |  312-505-2151  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Pinterest

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