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November 25, 2015

Capturing natural connections and creating a space for your clients to let down their guard and have a great experience during their photography session is something that so many of us want but don’t know how to achieve.  This games list that was showcased in the “Power of Play:  Capturing Authenticity in Family and Children’s Portraiture” class at the 2016 Click Away Photography Conference in Seattle, WA, can provide you with a toolbox of tips for helping guide you in capturing real connections on family photography sessions using play and movement.  

This 40-page PDF is delivered via Dropbox digital download and provides fun games with images that you can use to guide you during your photography sessions!  $49 USD




“I am not naturally as playful and dynamic as you are, and have been much more structured in my efforts to get family images. I really wanted to push out of my comfort zone and so I signed up for your class… Well, I’m sitting here editing a mini family session and can’t stop smiling thanks to using some of your tricks. I just had a session with a 6 and 8 year old girl, and their mom and dad. I’ve photographed these girls before, and they are total hams, but this was the first time I met dad and he was a bit stiff and reserved. Usually I’m so stressed that I wont know how to pose them or make everyone look good, which makes for a less than fun shoot. This time though, it definitely wasn’t as playful as your shoot at click away, but I was able to help mom and dad relax a bit during the session, and even *gasp* enjoy it! In fact, family sessions in general terrify me, so I don’t typically offer them… but I think I’m going to give it a shot now. I feel more confident that I can capture what I want now, rather than be the nervous scattered mess that I’m used to! Thank you so much!!!!” – Stefania

“So I have used games in the past….but after your speech and giving us that PDF totally armed me with tons of options for the last shoot I had. I wasn’t aware that one of the children had sensory issues and communication issues….the child wanted nothing to do with photos….until I tried your timber game. Totally a game changer and saved my shoot! Thank you!!!!” – Lisa



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