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Bartlett Family | Hudson Family Photographer

December 7, 2014

Another wonderful session from Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, this time with the very spirited Bartlett family!  Beautiful mom, Jessie, actually went to school here and suggested the location in place of their rained-out tree session.  What a wonderful idea!  I had a blast with this quick session that focused mainly on the three wildly independent, adorable Bartlett brothers.  These kids were hilarious and were so much fun for me.  I loved grabbing shots of them as they darted around campus, each of them displaying three very distinctly different personalities.  Little Henry was very shy at the beginning, but after chasing him around the grounds for a bit, he really warmed up, allowing me to capture some candids of his adorable smiling face.  Oldest brother, William, was the most practical and serious of the bunch, but was also the first to suggest how we could make them all laugh at once (I won’t go into details, but it was HILARIOUS).  And James in the middle, well, he was “on” from the moment we met, at one point donning a tree branch mustache.  They were all awesome!  We grabbed a few quick photos with the whole sensational family before everyone popped back in the car to warm up.  Thank you so much for meeting up with me for this wonderfully lively session.  I had an awesome time and was so happy to meet you all!



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