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Giannatti Boys | Hudson Family Photographer

December 8, 2014

So we’ve known these two adorable little dudes’ parents for many, many years – in fact, my husband was even a groomsman in their wedding!  But here’s the hilarious thing:  we have not seen each other in the almost seven years it’s been since we moved to Ohio!  Only 45 minutes away from each other, but the two houses and four kids we’ve accumulated since we last saw each other makes getting together very difficult.  So I was absolutely ecstatic when Gretchen booked a Christmas tree session for her boys!  Fast forward a few weeks, and here came the rain – so we switched dates and locations to the beautiful Western Reserve Academy in Hudson.  I had never met the Giannatti boys and they are every bit as delightful and hilarious as I imagined they would be.  They sprinted around the campus pointing out where we could take the best pictures, chasing each other, and climbing trees.  Big brother Sam led the way while little Charlie raced to keep up with everything his cool brother was doing.  Often times, you see a big brother who cannot be bothered by their younger brother, but that was not the case with these boys.  They really made a great team that day.  I loved how goofy both of them were with me, making up knock-knock jokes (and laughing at mine!) and striking hilarious poses with silly faces.  I felt as if I had met them before, because they reminded me so much of their awesome parents. I am so glad that we finally got a chance to get together after almost seven years and so thankful that after all this time, it was like none of it had passed.  Thank you so much and I cannot wait to see you all again!



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