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Meet Baby Logan | Westlake Newborn Photographer

April 16, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, I met two awesome new parents who make having a newborn seem easy. Kate and Denny welcomed their adorable little dude, Logan, only a little over a week before I visited and they already had things down. Logan was an absolute dream the entire time I was there as he snuggled up with Mom and Dad while we chatted like we’d known each other for years. As we laughed away, little Logan snoozed peacefully, unaware of all the fun that was going on around him. I couldn’t take enough photos of all the details of this sweet little boy – the way his hands curl up as he sleeps, the teeny little rolls on his belly, and his wispy blonde hair. He is absolutely perfect. I love spending time with new parents and watching them marvel at their new baby. It’s amazing that you can spend hours watching your baby sleep and be perfectly content to not do anything else. Witnessing the way that Kate and Denny gazed at their little boy and at each other was a perfect example of what true love looks like. I was so happy to help capture these moments for you and wish you all so much happiness as you begin this part of your journey.



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