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The Gigante & Frederick Family | Lakewood Family Photographer

April 16, 2015

“What do you have there, Gianni?” I asked to my newest seemingly shy 4-year-old client as he was hiding behind a standing globe, spinning it slowly.  “It’s a globe.  It shows axial tilt,” he responded.  “You know what this is?  This is California.  There’s a movie about California.  Monkey George goes to California…,” he continued.  “Yes!”  I exclaimed, “He goes to find his elephant friend!”  And then we were friends.  We raced up about 150 stairs for him to show me his Legos then darted back down to his room to show me his sketches where he explained that when you draw a line down the center of something and it’s the same on both sides, “it has bilateral symmetry.”  Thank you, you little genius!  Joined by his adorable little brother, Simon, the two of them did what brothers do – fought over the toys.  But watching Simon tenderly creep up to Gianni and hand over the firetruck that he so desperately wanted to have a turn with warmed my heart just as it does every time I witness the same sibling rivalry and love with my own kids.  As mom, Maria, read a story, the two drifted in and out of attention to it, but what they did pay attention to was snuggles and tickles from Mom and Dad throughout my entire visit.  With music playing softly from the record player in the corner and the sunlight streaming through the windows, I snapped away as this darling family showed me their reality.  And their reality is beautiful.  Snuggles and kisses and iPhones and Thomas.  Cheese and crackers and kicking the blocks and flips.  I loved every second of it.  Maria and Jason seem like they’re still teenagers in love, and as I let Jason take a peek at my camera after catching a few of them alone together he exclaimed, “Man! My wife is SUCH A BABE!”  Indeed she is, my new friend!  Thank you all so much for allowing me to capture your gorgeous life.  I had a ball.



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