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October 21, 2014

The Good Life Photography | Cleveland Area Family Photographer-14It isn’t just about taking pictures.  It’s about celebrating your life and documenting your love story.  And this is a story only you can tell.

I want our session to feel effortless.  Be yourself, dress like yourself, smile with your whole face, kiss like you mean it, crack jokes, get dirty, play, and let yourself forget about the camera for a moment.  I want to capture who you are – you and your family – right now in this moment in your lives.

You know your love.  Show each other and I’ll take the pictures.

I love authenticity and find that the most authentic connections happen when you can find a moment to pause, to be together without distraction, and to play and have fun.  My favorite thing to do is to document your love in places that reflect who you are and what your love is built upon.  Do you have a special place that makes your heart sing when you’re there?  Do you love the way the leaves fall in a certain place in October?  Do your kids adore splashing in the lake, eating ice cream slowly as it melts down their arms, or running with arms widespread in the park?  Do you and your fiancé love to drink coffee on your front porch?  These are the moments we want to capture.

This is who you are.

When you’re with the people you love most in the world, doing something together in a place that makes you happy, that’s when everything comes together to appear effortless and the images we make together are completely and genuinely you.  And that is the best you there is.

Are we a good fit?

  • Do you want to capture authentic connections and real emotion in the photographs we make together?
  • Do you want to document your family so you can remember not just how you looked, but how you lived and how you loved?
  • Do you love the humor in your day-to-day life and want photographs that might show the silly side of things?
  • Do you value photography and custom artwork?
  • Do you trust me to bring a unique perspective to your world and show you the beauty that you might overlook in your everydays?

You do?!  ME, TOO!!  Let’s Do This!


virginia@thegoodlifephoto.com  |  312-505-2151  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Pinterest

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